Cancellation Policy

At PatternSurfer, we do not store, maintain or share any of your personal payments information related to checkout (bank details, card details etc.)

Therefore, there is no automatic renewal of membership at PatternSurfer, and members will receive a reminder email to manually renew their membership account close to the expiration date. Members are able to cancel their existing membership at any time, or allow the membership to expire at the end of the validity period without any further action on their part.

If you face any issues during checkout, feel free to contact us for support via the Contact Us page, where our customer support team will be able to promptly help you resolve the issue.

Refunds are not offered as per our policy, but members can avail the Try-It-Out plan at minimal cost before joining with a full Membership. Refunds will only be issued in cases of technical issues during checkouts, handled by our payments service provider, Stripe.

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